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Victor de Thouars is the founder of the VDT TjaBang and the inheritor of the Serak� Silat lineage through Mas Djut.

The System of Serak�

Founder Bapak Sera 1783 � 1885

Information and pages from the newest bookVictor de Thouars, Pak Victor, Serak, Silat

By Maha Guru �Pak Vic"

       Who is Bapak Sera?  Who are his offspring and descendents, and why is his system different than many Silat systems from the early 1900 or even in Indonesia itself, or when it was formally brought here to the United States on May 11, of 1960.

Bapak Sera (a nickname) was a man barely reaching 5 foot, had a clubbed right foot and his left arm was different.  His forearm was extremely short, and his hand literally was almost near his left elbow.  This incredible human developed a system so rare that many copied or by self-imposed structures of closed-door material. 

      Worse as of yet, folks of having absolutely no clue in what the system actually is, and then alleged claiming to know movements of Serak�, very interesting.  Some even claim to know the full system, and when caught up in reality in their own omnipotence in just  not knowing.  One even learned a sub-system and then claimed to know Serak� in showing and making video tapes, and even disregarded the founder as a cripple, and a one-armed art being useless a slithering snake. Some strong words, perhaps? Nah not really, as the shoe fits.

      Yet so far none of these folks have even seen a glimpse of what Sera looks like, and even one person that was to have the real deal here in the United States and clouded material in closed-door garage teachings. I came to dub these folks �Clear Cloud Martial System Analysts‿.  Finally with the fresh air and open doors in 1994 the VDT Academy has enjoyed friendship from many seekers who have the desire to know what Sera actually is.  Now many across the US have taken in the teachings and are spreading the art to all who seek it, in a open door environment as it always was intended to be. The now well-published Curriculum in the Book �Serak� the Tsunami‿ establishes a base that all can learn from, surely to keep those who claim to know the system on their toes.

      Those who do study at the VDT Academy or who are one of the branches do know the actual name of the founder, one good clue if one would claim to know the system, then what is his real name, or do walk the published curriculum.  Surely no need to go to far in the phase structure, lets say phase 3 even, walk it...  The one other master teacher Dhaka Mardjoeki who now lives in Surabaya, Java teach the same structure and curriculum that many of the students and members of the VDT Academy enjoy.

      In all honesty Bapak Sera lived in West Java and was born during a cultural upheaval were the Dutch and the English duked it out for the rights of who can steal the best from these Spice Islands.  In 1780, War breaks out between the Netherlands and Britain. Extra troops are sent to Java.  In the changed name of the city Yayakarta to Batavia, a Plague breaks out and a smallpox epidemic develops on Sumatra. In 1783, the same year the founder is born, the then powerful VOC runs dry and asks for financial aid from the Staten Generalen in the Netherlands. Are the collective dates important?  You bet, it is History in one�s face.

 Stay tuned, and watch for the next posting soon to come on March 14, 2003

 Bapak Sera, a man on a mission 

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Victor De Thouars

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