Is KunTao Silat right for me?

Message: Greetings Kuntao Silat Players, I am interested in the distance program and am curious as to weather or not there are any other Kuntao players in the Michigan area ( I currently reside in Michigan). I have been studying martial arts for a little while now. First starting in Shaolin Long Fist, Chen tai chi, and now a indo-Chinese variation of Bagua. I am pursuing the Bagua system with the intent of eventually teaching the system and would love to have a complimentary system to teach alongside. I have a passion for martial arts and would love to at least start a conversation about my intent to see if this system would be a good fit and to get a brief introduction as to who Steve is and what he values out of students/ teaching.
Thanks for your time and consideration

This message came in from the Contact Us page ~ but I think the question is being directed to all KunTao Silat Practitioners, so I’ve created a Forum post where Tyler can get a broader range of opinions to his basic question, which I think is ~ Is KunTao Silat right for me?

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  1. Kuntaoer September 30, 2017 at 6:59 pm #

    Who is Pak Steve?

    Pak Steve is an honorable man. He lives up to his word. He lives in a world where his word is his bond. He’s a visionary. One of the first to take modern technology to give people who lived far from teachers a way to learn something about the art. He’s generous. He gives until it hurts, and frankly deserves way more than he gets. He’s a brilliant teacher. His codification of the things he learned makes what he teaches greater than the sum of it’s parts. That’s just a bit of my observations over the decades.

    Is Kuntao Silat right for you? Brother, Malabar and American KunTao Silat is right for EVERYONE. You just have to be ready to receive what it offers.

    — Mas Judt

  2. Estevan Mulloni September 21, 2017 at 12:18 am #

    Hi There Tyler,
    I’ve been into the Martial Art’s world for more than twenty-five years: Wing Tsun, then Kali, then JKD Concepts and after that i moved into chinese internal Martial Arts ( Old Yang Style Taijiquan, Hshing I Chuan, Baguazhang and Yi Chuan ) for the last ten years. A couple of years ago i decided to begin my KunTao-Silat Journey, but, living in Italy, i’ve had to opt for the Long Distance Learning Program. I consider that the best investment in my whole life. KunTao-Silat incorporates the chinese martial techniques and combines them with the ones of the Archipelago. It’s such a good healing art ( including Qigong and stretching exercises combined with proper breathing techniques from China, India and Indonesia) and it’s so fierce when it comes to self defence applications. The KTS Family is a group of extremely kind people: everyone is there, ready to help each other: Pak Steve Gartin, Sigung Aric, Sigung Joe, Guru Jeff, just to name some, have been of great help in my Martial Journey. I highly recommend you to join the Family.
    All the Best.

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