Triangle Elbow Exercise

KunTao Silat Triangle Elbow Exercise KunTao Silat Triangle Elbow Exercise “It is a common practice amongst silat systems to practice the djurus (handwork) and lankahs (legwork) separately. In KunTao Silat we generally practice them together, because in most cases the legwork provides a delivery mechanism for the hitting tools and amplifies the magnitude of the […]

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Pentjak Silat CiMande OK?

Pentjak Silat CiMande with Willem de Thouars – OK? Pentjak Silat CiMande forms and technical applications is performed by Willem de Thouars and filmed by Steve Gartin. Steve’s commentary of Willem’s masterful performance adds layers of useful martial application concepts to the slow motion video of Willem’s lightning-like execution of CiMande techniques. First in the OK? […]

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Secrets of Silat

Any one have any of these old videos or DVDs jest laying around? The prices must be typos. . . . https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Silat-Fighting-Techniques-Kuntao/dp/B00009KH2Y https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00009KH2Y/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all Paladin Press came to Steve Gartin in 1997 seeking the definitive knife fighting video because of his notoriety as the leading expert in the United States. Negotiations led to an agreement to […]

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Synergy: Empty Hand and Knife

Such a poignant, pithy & pointed a question deserves a much more studied and proven response than what I might think is relayed in the KunTao Silat Video Learning and PracticeGroup training. Any one have an opinion based on experience? Greetings and Felicitations Mr. Steve! I would like to inquire about your distance learning course.  […]

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Is KunTao Silat right for me?

Message: Greetings Kuntao Silat Players, I am interested in the distance program and am curious as to weather or not there are any other Kuntao players in the Michigan area ( I currently reside in Michigan). I have been studying martial arts for a little while now. First starting in Shaolin Long Fist, Chen tai […]

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