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Video Testing Quality Requirements

Simple video testing procedure: Brief Introduction 720p minimum resolution Good crop Good lighting Each form performed twice, once normal training speed, once slowly for detail Techniques performed at half speed, then full speed Upload to free Vimeo account \ add to KTS Testing Group

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KunTao Silat Heavy Bag Training

Heavy Bag Training ¬†KunTao Silat trains many different energy delivery methods, hitting tools, diverting blows and body hardening with the heavy bag. The free swinging bag provides infinite variations for timing and body alignment as well as the preparation for large objects moving toward the practitioner. The use of chairs or other movable objects surrounding […]

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Goat Tao: Way of the Goat training

KunTao Silat Partner Training KunTao Silat practitioners find ways to train that may seem a little unorthodox. Our Sticking Hand training is somewhat similar to how goats play fight ~ at least in spirit. Here Steve trains with TwinkleToes in the clash of horn and hand. Slow motion reveals the timing, stance and position. Part […]

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KunTao Silat Triangle LegSet

KunTao Silat Triangle LegSet The Triangle LegSet comes from the Kendang Silat system and encompasses most of the critical leg maneuvers in silat. The front sweep is called “sapu” and the back sweep is “beset.” The turning 180 degrees accompanies both sweeps and is used in many of the most efficient silat applications. This is […]

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Triangle Elbow Exercise

KunTao Silat Triangle Elbow Exercise KunTao Silat Triangle Elbow Exercise “It is a common practice amongst silat systems to practice the djurus (handwork) and lankahs (legwork) separately. In KunTao Silat we generally practice them together, because in most cases the legwork provides a delivery mechanism for the hitting tools and amplifies the magnitude of the […]

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Pentjak Silat CiMande OK?

Pentjak Silat CiMande with¬†Willem de Thouars – OK? Pentjak Silat CiMande forms and technical applications is performed by Willem de Thouars and filmed by Steve Gartin. Steve’s commentary of Willem’s masterful performance adds layers of useful martial application concepts to the slow motion video of Willem’s lightning-like execution of CiMande techniques. First in the OK? […]

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