Basic Internal Applications

Basic Internal Applications:

American KunTao Silat utilizes some energy and power generation concepts thatInternal Applications are different from those found in Malabar although the combat strategy is quite  similar.

This is a brief introduction of two of the AKTS WarmUp elements with a short demonstration of the melding of the elements from the Breath in Motion exercise.

In America fights often start at greater distances than we train for in the Indonesian Malabar system and oft-times it is best to simply eject pernicious people from your proximity or to help them fall down to re-consider their rude manors rather than to consider them mortal enemies, as is the way of the jungle.

So American KTS has combat tools that can be ‘dialed-in’ for the threat level its practitioners may be confronted with during daily American life. Naturally, the American KunTao Silat practitioner also considers daily carry cutting tools and firearms among the many elements of constant training.

Malabar KunTao Silat Guru Dennis Wilding graces this demonstration with a willing victim. . . thank you Dennis!¬† {Use email link above for Guru Dennis’ class & seminar information} Video filmed by Pat Galligan during the First American KunTao Silat Gathering at the Seventh Heaven Ranch in New Mexico.

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