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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day we thank & honor the blessed fallen Heroes of Liberty for our American freedom! We also honor and support those of our living American heroes who bear life-long scars from their valiant service to our great American Republic! Although Memorial Day falls on only one day a year, the KunTao Silat Family […]

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American KunTao Silat

New KunTao Silat T-Shirt Designs

New KunTao Silat T-Shirt designs: The new Official KunTao Silat T-Shirt site is live. http://www.cafepress.com/officialkuntaosilattshirts There are sections for black and white T-Shirts with Malabar KTS, American or just KunTao Silat. There are a few T-Shirts available in other colours as well. Please let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for or […]

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History of KunTao Silat

History of KunTao Silat – part one How kung fu adapted to the jungles of Indonesia {copyright Joe Judt circa 2005} They stood across from each other on the fighting floor; the dust stained with blood of martial heroes who had measured their skill in an arena where there are no rules. One, a savvy […]

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Wachters’ High power nutrition

Wachters’ High Power Nutrition and KunTao Silat I discovered Wachters’ and was first declared ‘crazy’ in the early 1970s when I became involved in the quest for perfect nutrition. “They” called me a ‘health-food nut.’ Now, decades later, people ask me all the time how I maintain high energy levels for extended periods and never […]

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train in KunTao Silat

What kind of people train in KunTao Silat?

What kind of people train in KunTao Silat? KunTao Silat attracts mostly highly experienced martial artists who have been training in martial arts for many years or decades. Here’s a few who attended the First Annual American KunTao Silat Gathering at the Seventh Heaven Ranch in New Mexico 2016. There are also folks who begin […]

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Chas Clements Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and founder of Pentjak Silat Betawi Muda

Chas Clements

Pak Chas Clements Chas Clements is Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and one of the original Kun Lun Pai, a name given to a group of five men then surrounding and supporting the de Thouars Brothers in Denver, Colorado by Bill Chang {U. Un Surya}. Chas’ system, Pentjak Silat Betawi Muda is his personal martial lifestyle; […]

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Chas talks knives

Chas Clements talks knives

Chas Clements talks knives, real knives ~ some of the best knives. Chas Clements, the Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and Founder of Pentjak Pukulan Silat Betawi and original member of the Kun Lun Pai also is a very well known knife expert. Here Chas shares a bit of his intimate knowledge of what makes a […]

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