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Synergy: Empty Hand and Knife

Such a poignant, pithy & pointed a question deserves a much more studied and proven response than what I might think is relayed in the KunTao Silat Video Learning and PracticeGroup training. Any one have an opinion based on experience? Greetings and Felicitations Mr. Steve! I would like to inquire about your distance learning course.  […]

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All KunTao & Silat Groups Welcome

Teachers of the Indonesian Martial Arts With grace to our Indonesian martial mentors: U. Un Surya: GrandMaster, Ming Po Home, with God, at rest.  Praise YHVH for his time with us. Our Teacher and Brother in the Lord: Willem de Thouars Bapak, KunTao Silat de Thouars KunLun Pai & RatuDuri Silat Pendekar, Serak® Silat Paul […]

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Magic & the martial arts

Magic in the Martial Arts copyright 1993-Chas Clements All advanced forms of martial art have their magical aspect. The Taoist practitioners are deeply involved with magic, Shinto has its sophisticated magical aspect as does Islam. The Animists practice ritual magical martial arts, the Hindu and the Buddhist cultures have practices and traditions of martial magic. […]

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Martial Arts origins

Martial Arts Martial arts are as old as mankind. Each culture and race has developed their own martial art system. KunTao Silat is a modern system developed from several Indonesian martial art systems. Both internal and external martial arts are practiced in Indonesia. Both hard and soft style martial arts are practiced in Indonesia. KunTao […]

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Paul de Thouars

The Deadly De Thouars` Copywrite 1995, Chas Clements In America, traditionally, fighting with the knife has not been looked upon with favor. We’re a nation of gunfighters; from the Colonial longrifle to the present ‘wondernine’. It has been left to the ‘underclasses’; poor, minorities, the criminal class and immigrants to favor the knife and to […]

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Randall Goodwin

 Kun Tao Silat   a senior’s perspective — early years ! (C) Gurug — a pal in drome!? Guru Randall Goodwin Kun Lun Pai Kuntao Silat Thouars 3/25/97 “Uncle Bill” is one of the ways that we address our teacher Bapak Willem de Thouars in public. This is an indication of respect or an act […]

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A profile of Steve Gartin

A PROFILE OF STEVE DOUGLAS GARTIN AS MARTIAL ARTIST AND SENIOR STUDENT OF WILLEM DETHOUARS. Hai-Dan Sifu Willem de Thouars as been privileged to have the opportunity to mould martial artists from some sterling material. In none of his students has he found more responsive intention, physical ability and gifts of the spirit than in […]

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