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KunTao Silat in Italy

KunTao Silat in Italy

Estevan Mulloni introduces Malabar KunTao Silat in Italy. Malabar KTS is a traditional Dutch/Indo/Chinese martial discipline codified up to Sigung Level by Pak Steve Gartin from decades of personal training with the de Thouars Brothers. To a considerate, disciplined and well-trained warrior, it might be considered imprudent to be rolling around on the ground with […]

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KunTao Silat Teachers

Morning WarmUp at the WaterFall

The outdoor environment with varied terrain provides the perfect footing for KunTao Silat training. The ability to adjust to challenging environments gives the KTS practitioner one more combat edge. This footage was taken at the First Annual American KunTao Silat Family Gathering at the Seventh Heaven Ranch in New Mexico. Monthly seminars are scheduled to […]

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4th of July Seminar

KunTao Silat Training in New Mexico

KunTao Silat training with Steve I want to spend some time training and visiting with my KunTao Silat Family!  This coming April will mark eight years that I have been away from civilization.  It has been a most enjoyable experience, but now I’m close enough to a town to enjoy guests.  The first People I’d like to […]

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San Antonio American KunTao Silat Seminar

San Antonio, Texas November 7 & 8, 2015 Experience Authentic Combative Martial Art in an exclusive two-day seminar. Simple, direct, and effective American Kuntao Silat is renowned for it’s practical, no-nonsense approach to self defense and the ability to swiftly impart high level skills to students. It is a fully ‘weapons aware’ art, not a sport. Come see why top […]

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