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Baby KunTao Silat Training

Stand-a-Dude training began before Elijah could walk and continued until he was too big to hoist. I do NOT recommend this training unless both you and your children are physically blessed and extraordinarily aware. The chance of injury if a mistake is made is quite obvious and no one of good conscious wants that. If […]

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How people find KunTao Silat

Most People find KunTao Silat as a result of a referral from their teacher or an online search for esoteric martial arts. The vast majority of KunTao Silat practitioners came to us after decades of martial practice and most have multiple black belt ranks in other systems. Here is a short conversation with two of […]

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10 Minute HandWork

Ten Minute Hand WorkOut

Ten Minute Hand WorkOut Hand Kembaggan The Indonesian Kembaggan practice provides many keys for the practice of martial arts. Prolonged practice produces benefits far in excess of the aerobic perspective. It also conditions the body to move more effortlessly and the relaxation allows for greater power to be generated with the proper timing. Indonesian silat […]

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