Chas Clements

Pak Chas Clements

Chas Clements is Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and one of the original Kun Lun Pai, a name given to a group of five men then surrounding and supporting the de Thouars Brothers in Denver, Colorado by Bill Chang {U. Un Surya}.

Chas’ system, Pentjak Silat Betawi Muda is his personal martial lifestyle; a name given to him by the de Thouars Brothers, Willem, Victor and Paul.

Here’s a growing collection of short clips that can be found in many videos and DVDs originating back to the low 1990s.

Combat Cane:

Combat Cane with Sigung Chas Clements from KunTao Silat.

Chas talks Knives

Chas is crazy about knives

Chas Walking Stick

Beginning Self Defense

Come back often, this page will grow as new old clips are found and uploaded.

Articles by Chas:

Magic & the martial arts












1 May is Chas’ birthday. Comments are active, so you can leave a birthday message if you so desire.

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2 Responses to Chas Clements

  1. Steve May 1, 2017 at 2:06 pm #

    Good ol’ Chas! What a unique personality. I count it a major blessing in my life to have been called his friend.
    His contributions to KunTao Silat will be forever remembered and cherished.
    Happy thoughts for a Happy BirthDay


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