2018 KunTao Silat Gathering in Glenwood New Mexico

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    As many of you realize, I have always been astounded at the caliber of People who are attracted to KunTao Silat! Check this out:

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    Gibran said, “the mountain, to the climber, is clearer from the plain.” As I ruminate upon the event, my heart is overwhelmed with the love I witnessed among those who made the arduous journey to the New Mexico wilderness to partake in the Gathering.

    Oft I say that the best defense is a big smile ~ and Bill Chang often told me that it impressed him that I always laughed when fighting. That attitude prevailed amongst the KTS Practitioners as they battered each other and compared and “claimed” huge lumps and bruises and lamented a lack of dit a jow whilst enjoying a beer or so afterward on ThunderRock.

    I am truly humbled to see the skill, tenacity and proficiency of our Senior Teachers. In my forty some odd years in martial arts I cannot recall a more erudite martial gathering. I realize that most all those who join the KunTao Silat Family have “been-around-the-block” ~ but I have known many other master martial artists in my life and few compare with this group. Not just skill in combat, but it is the skill in teaching that truly impresses me. I oft implore The Creator to enlighten me how and why these sterling martial masters call me “teacher.”

    Most folks know that I never wanted to be a teacher, especially of martial arts and I certainly never deliberately set out to create my own system and most certainly never entertained the thought of spreading it about the Earth. . . but as a salesman, photographer, videographer, publisher I did have those aspirations for the de Thouars Brothers and helped as best I could ~ under the dire conditions some might explain became my life story.

    Yet, here I am and I feel sometimes like an aberrant donkey being led down a road I don’t care to travel. “Blessed are the PeaceMakers, for they shall be called the sons of YHVH.” This has long been my desire, especially after discovering that Melchizedek means the King of Peace and that the Changing of the Ages is close upon us.

    So when I see Peace, Love and Kindness manifest in a group of fighting men it makes me pause to consider that perhaps my long-held desire is truly manifesting in my life. Yes, it is true that I go forth quite well-armed. . . but the smile is still my shield and Peace my purpose.

    Thank all of you who shared my dream and contributed to my comfort and well-being. You are truly the Family that has eluded me for 70 years and I love you all.

    May YHVH richly bless, enlighten and protect you all, in YahSheua’s Great Name,

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    Estevan Mulloni

    It’s been such an amazing experience. Learning KTS by video was great but getting the feeling of it by real Masters changed the entire thing. I’d like to thank Pendekar Steve Gartin for showing me his sensitivity skills and for that extremely interesting chat up there in Thunder Rock!!! Sigung Joe Judt has been so kind with me: sharing a lot of informations, tips and training methods. I loved Sigung Aric Fowler’s soft-power approach and his great tips about Langkah Dua and the seven energies. Guru Jeff Fargo is such a nice person and i loved his corrections and suggestions. Kyle, Tim, Pat, Larry, Paco, Jossef (Ice-pick Dr.Go ), Chris, Milton, Stephen,Yvonne..i’m so thankful for all the things i learnt from each and everyone of you. And so many kisses to Rose for taking care of us in such a lovely way:the taste of your spinach ravioli and peach cheesecake will remain in my heart forever!!! KTS is TRULY a FAMILY!!!

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