2018: Local KunTao Silat Classes

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    Local KunTao Silat Classes:

    Sigung Joe Judt, Sigung Aric Fowler, Guru Jeff Fargo, Guru Dennis Wilding and Guru Muda Wayne Gauvin all cordially invites Guru Course and Distance Learning folks to join in their local classes and seminars:

    PracticeLeaders are also forming PracticeGroups all over the world so that folks who are training by video can get together and train and practice in the basic warm up and then partner drills such as MonkeyFoot and StickingHands with gurus-in-making who learn by teaching.

    If you have a PracticeGroup going that is not listed on http://www.kuntaosilat.com/learn/classes please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll get your listing up right away.

    If you want to get a PracticeGroup going and need some support, just say so in the form. We will do what we can.

    Anyone wanting to sponsor a seminar can note that on the form as well.

    Many have been training by video for years now and are ready for the application stage of the journey, so we are going to devote a lot of attention to hands-on training this coming year.

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    I’ll start at training group in Central FLorida after I test and have some of the material in a presentable manner.

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      Your first video shows a great deal of hard work and attention to detail. You will certainly become a fine teacher of KunTao Silat. I appreciate your gusto for the art.

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    Jonathan Pyndus

    Hello all!

    This is Jonathan Pyndus down in Houston, Texas. I’m currently working on getting a space set up at a dojo for a formal Kuntao Silat class, but if anyone is interested in meeting up to train beforehand, let me know!

    You can reach me via Jon@kuntaosilat.com.

    Looking forward to training with everyone!

    Jonathan Pyndus
    Guru Muda Malabar Kuntao Silat

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      Jonathan Pyndus


      Currently we plan to begin regular classes Tuesday, May 2nd. Our venue is Houston Karate Academy, 10321 Katy Freeway Suite F.

      Message me for more details!

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    Andrew B.

    Hey all, My name is Andrew and i’ve been practicing Kuntao Silat for going on around 8 or so years. I have studied Filipino Martial Arts extensively before getting into AKTS as well as a few other martial arts.

    I am looking to finally start a Practice Group in Ontario, California (San Bernardino County) I just recently moved here and would love to have anyone who’s interested drop by to learn and train in AKTS.

    Anyone who is interested can contact me via message on here or by E-Mail: ibrock626@gmail.com

    Best Wishes and God Bless

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    Man, it’s going on a year since I started this journey! I have a class in Central Florida. Adults only, meets on Saturday mornings. Here’s a promo vid I did and will change soon…

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    You have made a lot of progress in that year! When you consider Malabar at Sixty, you must be insane. . . but you’ve stuck with it and prevailed. Switch to AKTS since you are in EldaCaka Land and you’ll gather more training partners. :-)>

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    Estevan Mulloni

    The Italian Malabar KunTao-Silat Practice Group’s lessons are held on Wednesdays from 8.15 PM ’til 10.15 PM at Primary School’s Gymnasium in Maniagolibero (Pn) 4, Via A. Vespucci and on Saturdays from 10.00 AM ’til 12.00 PM at Fit & Spin ASD Gym in Maniago (Pn) 29, Via dei Fabbri.

    For informations please contact Guru Muda Estevan Mulloni at estevan@kuntaosilat.com or by phone at +39 3394293325

    Le lezioni del Gruppo di Pratica di Malabar KunTao-Silat si tengono ogni Mercoledì dalle 20.15 alle 22.15 presso la palestra delle scuole elementari di Maniagolibero (Pn) in Via A. Vespucci, 4 ed ogni Sabato dalle 10.00 alle 12.00 presso la palestra della Fit & Spin ASD a Maniago (Pn) in Via dei Fabbri, 29.

    Per Informazioni contattare Guru Muda Estevan Mulloni all’indirizzo estevan@kuntaosilat.com oppure al numero +39 3394293325

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    Hey Steve,

    I’ve got a practice group going up in the north suburbs of Chicago. Monday nights as work/health permit. Usually 7-9. Occasional Thursdays as well. Really, we just meet up and train when we have time. It’s out of my home so I won’t put up the address. I believe my kuntaosilat email still works. Contact me at kyle@kuntaosilat.guru. Look forward to training with you

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