American KunTao Silat Introduction

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    The American KunTao Silat system was born in 2000 at West Marin Martial Arts in California. Joe Judt was there and has been steadily practicing and teaching this system since.

    I asked Joe to travel about and introduce AKTS since I cannot yet do so. He graciously agreed to devote this year to meeting as many KunTao Silat practitioners as possible.

    In addition to the currently scheduled seminars:
    > San Francisco – probably 9/11-9/13.
    > San Antonio Texas – November 6,7,8.
    > Chicago, IL. – November 13, 14, 15.
    Sigung Joe will be available for small workshoppes with PracticeLeaders, group sessions for establishments who want to include KunTao Silat in their martial mix and private sessions for DistanceLearning and Guru Certification Course members.

    Now, although the key focus of this year’s seminars is American KunTao Silat, Sigung Joe can offer instruction in Malabar KunTao Silat as well. As a matter of fact, there are several martial arts Joe could offer instruction in. You might talk with him about that.

    I hope you will all take advantage of the opportunity to see and feel American KunTao Silat and host a seminar or get-together with Joe. You can contact him with the standard “whoever”@kuntaosilat.com to discuss details.

    May YHVH bless you all,
    Steve :-)>

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    Jonathan Pyndus

    I’m definitely planning to attend the November seminar in San Antonio 🙂

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    You will enjoy the experience!

    Sigung Joe is going to be focusing this series of seminars on the elements of KunTao Silat that are difficult to learn via video, so that the People who have been studying the DVDs and videos for years can come and learn how all the pieces fit together ~ to get the feel of KunTao Silat.

    This particular focus should also be of benefit to all the KTS teachers in training because having the understanding of the applications makes teaching a great experience for both student and teacher. You learn by teaching.

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