KunTao Silat for Children

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    As a Family-style martial art, KunTao Silat practitioners share their training with their children. This topic is open to discussion from parents and children about training methods and all things related to an early start in a life-long journey in KunTao Silat.

    Baby Elijah at two years old caught training KunTao Silat.

    Stand-a-Dude training began before Elijah could walk and continued until he was too big to hoist. I do NOT recommend this training unless both you and your children are very physically blessed. The chance of injury if a mistake is made is quite obvious.

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    I have recently started to train my children to live a Kuntao Life. Of course there were some apprehensions about how and where to start them so if you have any good ideas about this please let me know. For my own children they see me doing the martial arts and started to emulate what I was doing, or at least trying. So I decided it was time to get them going. My children are 7 and 11 years of age. I first started them with a basic warm up of the joints so there would, hopefully, be no injuries. Then we started with the basic bow, and have since started to learn Djuru Satu, king dragon seat, dragon tails and of course sticking hands and cloud hands, which they both really enjoy. They seem to pick up pretty quickly so far. My daughter has since come to her first class with Sigung Aric Fowler and he has been a great influence on her. He is very patient and really seems to enjoy working with kids. My son will start with us soon as well but we do practice at home and it didn’t take him long to pick on the bow so I think he’ll do great as well. The children really enjoy doing the Kuntao, plus with my daughter getting older, when she reaches the age of dating, I want her to be able to explain, to the potential pinner, what NO feels like! Anyway, as said before, please let me know if you all have any good ideas on how to proceed further. Obviously at this age I don’t necessarily want them to know too much as this can be a very violent art. Thanks to all of my Kuntao brothers and sisters for your time. Timothy Eagan

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