Kuntao Silat Training Manual

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    Jonathan Pyndus

    Greetings from Texas!

    Just curious as I remember reading some time ago there was discussion about a book/manual covering the basics of Kuntao Silat being worked on. Is there any idea when that will be released?


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    I hope to get the first of the training manuals out by end of March 2017. Then we will work through each level.

    These will only be available to those in the program, who are following the teacher track. Some of the content will be shared on this site to provide examples of the content.

    Our hope is to have all five levels finished by early 2018.

    Please note, these do not replace in-person training, but they will provide a host of step-by-step details that can be difficult to understand from watching video.

    Stay tuned!

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      Jonathan Pyndus

      Thank you sir! I’ll be eagerly anticipating them!

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