New Mexico Seminar May 21 & 22

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    May 21 & 22 2016:

    The very first seminar focused on American KunTaoKunTao Silat Logo reColored Silat is scheduled to be held in the spacious American Legion Hall in Tularosa, New Mexico.

    {The curriculum may evolve as we receive feedback from the participants. Changes & updates will be published here.}

    American KunTao Silat is the seminar focus, although Malabar will also be addressed if folks have questions. Free testing is always offered at seminars, workshoppes and gatherings.

     Seminar: $200 for two days

    • {GCC 50% discount applies for members}


    • Motel: $40-70 night
    • RV Parks: $20-30 night
    • Creek: Free
    • Ranch Free
    • Bag it on the Hall floor – 3 nights = $20


    • Restaurants are close by and a kitchen is available

    This Seminar will present the Keys to Success in KunTao Silat.

    • Constant Training
    • Kembaggan
    • Sticking Hands
    • Monkey Feet
    • KnifeWork

    Partner training will be given great emphasis at this seminar because there will be a lot of people to work out with. There will be KunTao Silat practitioners who have been training for years, others just beginning. Some large, some small, some tall, some short . . . so that each practitioner will have the opportunity to experience partner training with a diverse spectrum of partners.

    Practitioners desiring to test for Teacher certification will have plenty of folks to choose from to demonstrate the required applications.


    • Travel from El Paso Airport
    • Evening Gathering & Introductions, snacks & Libations


    Beginning at 9 AM:

    • Stances
    • Chi Gung
    • American KTS Warm up
    • Monkey Feet ~ Sticking Hand

    12: Lunch

    • Technical applications
    • Kembaggan


    Beginning at 9 AM:

    • Breath in Motion
    • Internal Po Qua Zen
    • Knife Training

    12: Lunch

    • Review and Questions
    • American KunTao Silat Firearms integration seminar
    • Free Testing


    • Travel to El Paso Airport

    May is a beautiful month in New Mexico! The days are warming up into the 80s & 90s and the nights are in the 50s & 60s. We plan to break the seminar into three parts each day, beginning at 9AM and ending at sunset with the end of the day dedicated to extemporaneous food, leisure, review, testing & practice.

    There is plenty of camping area along Tularosa Creek and 160 acres at the ranch, so there should be plenty of room for everyone to put up a tent,  throw down a sleeping bag or sling a hammock. There are also many motels within 20 miles. Everyone is welcomed to bring their families, children under 18 are welcome to participate without charge.

    Contact Sigung Joe Judt for more information.

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    Only five days to go!

    We have practitioners from Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Colorado and all up and down California coming to take part in this event!

    Don’t miss out! Reach out if you plan on coming out!

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    Good day folks. While I won’t be able to join you all, I will certainly be there in Spirit. I’ll have 9 trainers that will be with Pak Steve’s possession for the seminar that I made. These are trainers made after the World’s Fastest Knife, which Steve was having made as a live blade.

    For anyone interested in seeing a pic of them, please venture to my facebook page for Malabar Knives.I’m posting it this morning.Thanks!

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    Happy New America!

    Anyone interested in joining a small gathering for KunTao Silat training on March 18 & 19 in New Mexico should let me know by email.

    May this be a year of great blessings for our People.

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    The plan is to spend a couple of days training and considering the primary principles of KunTao Silat’s combat applications.

    It will be critical for those who choose to attend to have a solid foundation in the KTS basics.

    PracticeLeaders are encouraged to attend, but also those who want to certify as Teachers because applications are required and training partners will be available for testing as well as the primary agenda. . . which is applications. :-)>

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    Good day all, I will not be able to make. I may talk to Sigung Joe about having something here in the metropolitian area MD,DC,VA.

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    Thank you all. All available spaces have been filled for this event.
    The next workshoppe for PracticeLeaders will probably be near the Summer Equinox and the American KunTao Silat Family Gathering is expected to be held sometime in August.

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    Good plan Duane! Set a date and let’s get an introductory seminar scheduled. That will really get your PracticeGroup rolling. :-)>

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