San Antonio TX – Privae Seminar June 17th

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    Sigung Joe Judt will be back in San Antonio on June 17th 2017 teaching a private session to his practice group there. This will be open to all DLP players and members of the AKTS organization.

    We’re keeping it closed because A.) There are plenty of students and B.) We want to advance the folks in the club, not run an 8 hour beginners class.

    Level tests are free for all DLP/GCC people who attend.

    Session fee is $65 for DLP/GCC.

    For more info, PM KUNTAOER on this site.

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    Every KTS practitioner within driving distance should make it a critical point to attend this event. Anyone who wants to attend and needs a ride or has a ride and needs some friends, please let me know and I’ll try to get folks connected.

    The video training program is designed to prepare practitioners for the application phase, found in seminars and workshoppes like this where Sigung Joe can share things that cannot be learned from video.

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