Starting a Practice Group of Malabar KunTao Silat in Italy

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    Estevan Mulloni

    This coming September i’ll start a Practice Group of Malabar KunTao-Silat in Maniago (PN) Italy.

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    Estevan Mulloni
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    This is a great video to introduce KunTao Silat Estevan. It seems that you have developed a speech impediment ~ I could only understand a few of the words you spoke. However, your command of KunTao Silat basics is visually obvious. You are a great representative and I’m really proud to see your rapid growth in strength, power & finesse that will make you a superb teacher.

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    Estevan Mulloni

    Thank you so much Pak Steve!!! I’ll try my best to present such a fascinating Art to the italian people. I’m sorry for the volume of the audio that indeed is a bit low, but i guess italians will get it!!! Lol

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    Estevan Mulloni

    Lessons will be held at Fit & Spin A.S.D. Maniago (Pordenone) Italy 29, via dei Fabbri on wednesday (9.10 Pm/ 11.10 Pm) and on Saturday (10.00 Am/ 12.00 Pm ). For further informations contact me at estevan@kuntaosilat.com / estevanmulloni2@gmail.com or +393394293325.

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