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    This year we have added a new Testing Group for Level One and have focused the original group on the higher levels. The Peer Review aspect and being able to watch the tests of others who came before you have added another dimension to the video-based training. Those members who have not yet taken advantage of this resource are missing much.

    We will assume that you are already a member ~ here’s how you can participate in this rapidly expanding and enlightening training resource:

    To prepare for video testing, please follow these steps:

    Open a free account at http://www.vimeo.com/kuntaosilat

    Then “follow” KunTao Silat

    Then upload your test video to your account.

    On the “Privacy Settings” of your video check Only those people I follow if you want to keep it private.

    I’ll invite you to the KunTao Silat Testing Group.










    After you have set your privacy, go to the Collections tab and set select KunTao Silat Testing Group and your test video will appear there.









    We’ll Download your Video and Upload the Critique to the KunTao Silat Testing Group where you will be able to view it and make comments, ask or answer questions, or just get on to the next level.

    Then find the “Testing Fee” on the KunTaoSilat.com site and run it through the shopping cart.


    {Circa 2014} Greetings GentlePeople,

    At long last I have been empowered to do what I envisioned from the inception of the Distance Learning Program way back in the 1980's. The new computer the KTS Leadership provided for me has given me the power to explain more of what I've always wanted to tell the DLP People ~ now, of course, that includes the Guru Certification Course People. I'm diligently working on an exhaustive series of videos explaining the nuances of KunTao Silat in sync with the videos that I've produced over the course of several decades. At long last my vision is possible ~ so I'm endeavouring to rise to the occasion presented by modern technology and the gift of my supporters. As an old fart, this is a bit of a challenge ~ but I can't recall a time I've shirked a challenge, so I'd appreciate ya'll visiting the new KunTao Silat Guru Certification Course channel at Vimeo and tell me what you think, what you want to know and how I'm doing so far. There's a few videos up now that go into the sort of detail I originally envisioned, but never had the capability to express. Now I do ~ so now I need your input. It's your turn to give me some destructive criticism. The URL is: http://vimeo.com/kuntaosilat and you will need to join Vimeo and then get hooked up with KunTao Silat before we can discuss the subject ~ but I'm sure you are all more adept at that sort of technology than I am. If you have any problems just ask for adult supervision. May YHVH's Peace rest upon your Houses, Steve

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    Here's the Vimeo procedure:1. Open a free Vimeo account - make it private or public2. Follow kuntaosilat3. Wait to be followed back and invited to join group4. Join group5. View private videos - make comments - ask questionsSo far there are Four private Channels available and quite a few videos are there for viewing and download6. Upload testing videos: comments and corrections will either be public or private depending upon your choiceIf you need any assistance getting signed up drop Art or Elijah a note.

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