KunTao Silat On Line Learning System

KunTao Silat On-Line Learning System

Both Malabar KunTao Silat and American KunTao Silat are now available as part of our new learning management system.

The entire body of KunTao Silat video information is now available in one comprehensive and inter-connected system designed for ease of use and instant access.

In order to effectively utilize this system, users will need to have a high-speed internet connection and a computer that handles video files effectively.

This system is recommended for PracticeLeaders and those serious individuals who want to have total access to the vast KunTao Silat video library available on line.

+ KunTao Silat OnLine Learning Subscription

  1. Compete access to all on-line KunTao Silat video material
  2. Half price video testing for you and your practice group.
  3. KunTao Silat Video Testing site with access to special training videos.
  4. Immediate Video Download of Malabar & American Basics

Cost: $50 entry fee and $50 test fee

{Note: All Inner Circle Subscribers and those in the Incremental Download Subscription program will be provided access to this program.}

There are Three Choices for joining the KunTao Silat Guru Certification Course or Distance Learning Program

  1. Ten DVDs: KunTao Silat Guru Certification Course
  2.  Ten Videos: KunTao Silat Guru Certification Course
  3. KunTao Silat On-Line Learning Center

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