KunTao Silat constant training

In KunTao Silat constant training provides the means to accelerate mastery of American KunTao Silatthe basic, or fundamental, tools of combat. This page is open to everyone because it will provide a glimpse into the possibilities of building your martial lifestyle training around your profession or daily life regardless the martial arts you practice.

 WorkStation WorkOut

Constant Training – Work Station Workout demonstrates the application of KunTao Silat training in virtually any profession people engage in.

Pick & Rake:


Dogwa Stance Training Clip from ElijahGartin


Travel Training:

EveryDay Carry knife training:

KunTao Silat training with an every day carry knife from KunTao Silat

KunTao Silat trains many different energy delivery methods, hitting tools, diverting blows and body hardening with the heavy bag. The free swinging bag provides infinite variations for timing and body alignment as well as the preparation for large objects moving toward the practitioner. The use of chairs or other movable objects surrounding the bag enables the practitioner to practice legwork and prepare for close quarter combat in a crowded situation.

KunTao Silat Heavy Bag Training from KunTao Silat.

Constant Training:

Constant Training II:

Some history and background of KunTao Silat and how constant training enables the melding of martial arts and the American life style.

KunTao Silat is a Three Dimensional Martial LifeStyle where constant training is embraced on all levels of life.

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