KunTao Silat program & subscription changes

First: All new KTS memberships will see a price increase on the First day of August.

Second: All new memberships will require application and acceptance before admission!

Sounds pretty radical huh?

Nothing will change for those already in the programs. This will only effect new  memberships.

This is our first major adjustment in a world of “awfully sudden changes” and it comes as a result of empirical facts and economic considerations.

Sensei Les Kelso, my first Mu Duk Kwon Teacher on Kodiak Island told me that “out of a hundred people to begin training, only one will reach black belt level ~ and out of a hundred who achieve a black belt only one will attain higher rank.”

I have maintained for close to forty years that KunTao Silat is a collegiate level martial art. Lately, our students have been commenting on the fact that Level One IS the advanced material. They are correct! I placed it in Level One because it is the hardest to perfect and all the ascending Levels will build upon the Level One Foundation.

Experience has revealed that very few of the People who begin the KunTao Silat journey make it past level one. . . at least for certification’s sake. Maybe that is all they feel they need. Perhaps this is due, in part, to the vast repository of video information available in the Ten DVD/MP4Download KTS Course. Some seem to be confused by too much information. The problem may even be exacerbated for those in the Inner Circle where the availability of instant information staggers the mind.

I have some ideas for a few revisions that I’ll announce in a short while.

The obvious driver of these revisions is that our online expenses more than quadrupled in the last two years.

We are also approaching the limit of the Practitioners that I can comfortably support. I plan to dedicate more time developing the On-Line Learning Management System and supporting local classes and PracticeGroups. So, I’m really not looking for new students ~ only very serious students.

I’m also planning to prune the DVD inventory significantly and raise those prices as well. Chances are good that we will discontinue International DVD sales because of the prohibitive postal costs and the high incidents of ‘lost mail.’

You’ll notice that we did not offer any discounts for the Fourth of July; we won’t again ~ except for maybe a soon-coming liquidation sale of our current DVD stock, only for members.

We are also planning to bifurcate the KunTao Silat Vimeo Testing Group.

If you haven’t submitted a video for review or an ‘introduction video‘ by September One, I’ll assume that you are not really interested in being a member of the Video Testing Group. The current group material will be reduced to focus on Level One only.

Since the Vimeo Testing Group is a requirement for all PracticeLeaders, they will have a group of their own for the ascending Levels.

There will be several other changes coming in the next 40 days, particularly in the Level One, and you will be among the first to know.

Have a blessed & inspired day,


KunTao Silat Inner Circle Subscription

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