Kyle Mentink ~ Malabar KunTao Silat Level Five Test

kThe First Annual American KunTao Silat Gathering was attended by Sigung Joe Judt, Guru Jeff Fargo and Guru Dennis Wilding who served as the Testing Board during the Gathering. Kyle Mentink tested from Level Two to Level Five without a break for air. This is the official record videoed by Steve Gartin at the Seventh Heaven Ranch in New Mexico.

Many folks prefer testing at seminars and gatherings where there are plenty of partners to help exhibit technical combat skills in addition to proper performance of the forms. This is the major difference between the teachers and those who only want to practice. In video testing, applications must be provided for teacher level rank. Forms are sufficient for practitioner ranks.

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Kyle passed! Guru Jeff Fargo is Kyle’s Teacher, so it was a good day for both.

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