Learning KunTao Silat by video

Learning KunTao Silat by Video:

There are many advantages to Learning KunTao Silat by Video. First, distance from a teacher is no barrier. Anyone, anywhere in the world where mail is delivered or an internet connection is available can learn. Second, video provides pause, stop, start, rewind and replay as well as slow motion where a class environment does not. Thirdly, the practitioner is not bound by the learning speed of the class ~ where their particular learning process can be slower or faster than the teacher chooses to accomodate the ‘majority’ of the class. You can learn at your own speed.

Then the video testing process allows me to address your specific performance and to offer critique as well as ideas to improve the areas of weakness with still frame and slow motion video as well as side-by-side video comparisons to make it easier to identify exactly where refinements are necessary.

Ultimately, to be an effective teacher of KunTao Silat it will be desirable to spend some time with me or some of the higher ranking KTS practitioners to get the physical “feel” of the systems; but this can come after the learner has progressed through several levels and gained an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of KunTao Silat.

In all, I believe that the Learning by Video method is indispensable even for those fortunate enough to have a local teacher because there is much more information available in KunTao Silat videos and DVDs than any teacher will have the time to impart with even the most intensive class schedule.
Steve Gartin

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