Memorial Day

This Memorial Day we thank & honor the blessed fallen Heroes of Liberty for our American freedom!

We also honor and support those of our living American heroes who bear life-long scars from their valiant service to our great American Republic!

Although Memorial Day falls on only one day a year, the KunTao Silat Family offers free training programs for disabled American Veterans, currently financially challenged, every day of the year.

I think the spirit of Memorial Day should be expanded to include a strong focus on those, wounded in war, living amongst us who have served their People with fidelity, pride and honor and now could use a little support from the People they so willingly served. Let’s honor them while they live!

I believe that KunTao Silat has many physical training tools, strategy and techniques of great value as personal protection and that can also be part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for those injured in war and I want to make this information available to all American veterans regardless of their ability to pay.

If you are a disabled American Veteran, want to study KunTao Silat and can not afford to ante in, please contact me direct by email.

If you know such a person, please give them my email address.

Oh, by the way, everyone can reduce the price of everything in half by entering DAV in the coupon field at check out until the end of the month.

May YHVH richly bless and protect America and you all,


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  1. Jonathan Pyndus May 30, 2017 at 9:18 pm #

    Well said sir!

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