American KunTao Silat 2014

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The American KunTao Silat System was introduced officially in 2014. This sub-system of KunTao Silat focuses on the internal mechanics of combat kuntao as taught to Pak Steve by Great GrandMaster U. Un Surya and combines these internal aspects with KunTao Silat as taught by the de Thouars Brothers into a uniquely American Martial LifeStyle. Available ONLY to Guru Certification Course members.

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Malabar KunTao Silat is a closed traditional Indo/Chinese system and will not see much change – only amplification and greater detail. American KunTao Silat on-the-other-hand is a growing and evolving system that will see much change over the years, both in amplification and detail as well as new additions. What Pak Steve has received from Great GrandMaster U. Un Surya is still being revealed and much has not yet been videoed or published. These updates will primarily be focused on new material or old Chang Style material that was not so termed when it was introduced – such as the LegSet Warm Up, which was designed to prepare practitioners for study in the Chang System after completion of the original Distance Learning Program, first made available to the martial arts community in the early 1980s.

This video marks the official introduction of the American KunTao Silat System and contains pieces and parts of the American KunTao Silat DVDs now included in the recently revised Guru Certification Course.