American KunTao Silat MP4 video download


Nine MP4 Videos comprising the American KunTao Silat System available for download.


American KunTao Silat System

Now available alone, without Malabar American KunTao Silat was officially introduced into the Distance Learning/Guru Certification Course programs in 2014. Those who know they want to pursue study in this new branch of KunTao Silat, can now download Nine MP4 Videos of the American KunTao Silat System and start today.

American KunTao Silat was born in Marin County California in 2000. Steve Gartin had been teaching KunTao Silat for over two decades, a system he founded with Chas Clements in 1978 comprised mostly from Indonesian silat and Chinese KunTao learned from the de Thouars Brothers. This, however, was a very difficult system for Americans to learn due to the very low stances and brutal training.

American KunTao Silat maintains the first three levels of Malabar KunTao Silat as a foundation and builds upon that base with internal KunTao as taught to Steve by Great GrandMaster U. Un Surya (Bill Chang) and elements of external Taoist KunTao as taught by Willem de Thouars finishing off the American KunTao Silat combat arsenal.

The more upright fighting style and healthy training exercises makes American KunTao Silat perfect for the modern American Martial LifeStyle.

Thus American KunTao Silat maintains the combat effectiveness KunTao Silat is renowned for by adding the Internal power mechanics of Bill Chang Style KunTao to the phenomenal Dutch/Indonesian silat foundation while providing a systematic approach to learning characterized by Steve’s Constant Training philosophy.

Seven MP4 Videos:
  1. American Basics
  2. American System
  3. Basic Applications
  4. Djurus Satu
  5. Circles
  6. Personal Training
  7. Partner Training


  • GCC Introduction
  • Serak Djurus

{Available soon in DVD format}