Djurus Satu 2015


Djurus Satu 2015 takes the all-time best selling video and adds new footage and DVD menus to make it easier to find the parts you want to train with.

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Djurus Satu 2015

Djurus Satu 2000, the all-time favorite KunTao Silat Video & DVD has just been updated with new material and a DVD menu system to make it easier to navigate to your favorite places and find the material you want to work on.

You will see how to perform Djurus Satu long, short, low, fast and slow. You will see applications from each part of the form. You will see many variations and many people doing the form.

Now Djurus Satu 2015 is also available in MP4 video format for download. There is no DVD menus, but this MP4 video will play on most computers and personal devices so those wanting to practice Djurus Satu can have it available to them just about any where they go.

Djurus Satu 2015 includes:

  • Malabar Versions
  • American Versions
  • Djurus Satu with Chi Gung
  • ¬†Djurus Satu Class with variations & applications
  • Chas & Steve with explanations & applications
  • Chuck Stahman with applications
  • Djurus Satu with Karambit


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