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Introduction to HeartLess Monkey Knife: A basic investigation into the bladecraft of both Silat and KunTao. Steve Gartin explains how the legwork and handwork integrates with the bladecraft at the foundational level. A great companion DVD for HeartLess Monkey Knife #1, #2 and #3 since it establishes the basic concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Filmed at 11,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies  $40.00

HeartLess Monkey Knife I: Heartless Monkey Knife takes it’s name from Bill Chang’s description of the Ape Form; he is ‘wide-open, heartless and inviting’.  You are shown various sorts of knives and their characteristics discussed; sheathes and carry systems, grip styles, blade presentations, and practice methods.  There is a long section on wounds, first aid and body trauma by an EMT persilat; Steve Rollert.  There are lots of applications, footwork, hand positioning, body angulation and torquing. There are discussions of the combat mind-set, tactical considerations, and mental preparation.  $40.00

HeartLess Monkey Knife II:
# Maduran blade fighting: Uncle Bill
# Live Blade: Pak Victor
# Sticking hands: Steve Gartin
# Exotic weapons & Serak Djurus: Chas Clements
# and much more . . .  $40.00

HeartLess Monkey Knife III:  Uncle Bill teaches the esoteric Maduran BladeCraft to his in-house disciples during the 10th Annual Family Gathering, a special presentation for Dan Inosanto and inner circle Disciple class. BladeCraft at its best.  $40.00