KunTao Silat Inner Circle Subscription

$20.00 / month

KunTao Silat Inner Circle Subscription for GCC/DLP members only


Inner Circle Subscription for GCC members only

If you are not a GCC member and got here by accident – don’t bother to order the Inner Circle Subscription. If you want this proprietary access package please refer to this link first.

For Distance Learning Program Members who want to fast-track their training this is optional; for Guru Certification Course Members it is mandatory.  Those who will be teaching KunTao Silat will be held to higher standards than those who simply make a personal practice of KunTao Silat. The Inner Circle Membership provides access to proprietary forms, training and application videos in an interactive context where questions, comments and opinions can be shared with the KunTao Silat Staff and fellow travelers upon the Road to Guru.

First, you will be provided total access to the new KunTao Silat On-Line Learning Management System, meaning that all the videos on-line will immediately be at your command 24/7. You will also have your own course and lesson command post with all available information neatly available to you.

Second, the main Guru Site: www.kuntaosilat.guru has a hidden portal. There you will find a mass of proprietary videos linked to the Blog, so you can comment, question and offer advice to other Guru Certification Course Members. Here is what you will find presently, but this is a constantly expanding source of information:

You will also have access to over 60 proprietary videos on the entry page.

That’s not all. As a fast-track sort of person you will also be able to submit test videos for half-price utilizing the KunTao Silat Testing Group on Vimeo.

And PracticeLeaders will have your own personal <yourname>@kuntaosilat.net or kuntaosilat.us email address.

The grand purpose of this KunTao Silat Inner Circle Subscription is to provide in-depth training material for those who have chosen to teach KunTao Silat. We believe that teachers must be held to higher standards of competence in the Art and integrity in their lives in order to properly instruct others in the art of building a Martial LifeStyle based upon KunTao Silat principles as Pak Steve has committed to video record and is now readily available to Inner Circle Subscribers.

+ KunTao Silat Inner Circle Subscription

  1. Official KunTao Silat Email for PracticeLeaders: <First Name>@kuntaosilat.net/us {if available}
  2. Access to KunTao Silat.guru: a special domain only for Subscribers
  3. KunTao Silat Video Testing site with access to special training videos.
  4. Half price video testing for you and your practice group.

Since there are a few new DVDs included in the present 10 DVD Guru Course set that have been recently added,  you will be able to immediately download the MP4 version of them upon initial payment for the Inner Circle Subscription:

  1. GCC Introduction
  2. American Basics
  3. Malabar Basics
  4. Basic Training


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