KunTao Silat Level One MP4 Downloads


KunTao Silat Level One Entry MP4 video download and On-Line Course


Level One sets the stage for the KunTao Silat

2017 KunTao Silat membership changes


Level One is the Key to the entire Martial LifeStyle, and so will be the open door through which new practitioners must enter the InnerCircle membership program.

As of August One 2017, KunTao Silat memberships will be available ONLY to those who have tested and passed Level One.

New practitioners will remain in Level One status until they submit their testing video and pass to Level Two. There will be no time constraints ~ no extra charges, so that folks can work at their own pace. . . . but there will be no membership benefits until they pass Level One and have the opportunity to subscribe for the InnerCircle  membership as they progress up the Levels. Or not.

The cost for entering Level One will be $50 and the test to continue will be $100. Should you choose to join the InnerCircle after passing Level One, the testing cost is half. Otherwise the same $50/100 applies for the downloads, on-line lesson & testing.

The $50 entry charge will provide both the On-Line Learning System and downloads for Level One. No membership benefits will attach to Level One.