KunTao Silat video Testing Fee


KunTao Silat Video testing fee for each level is $100 total. Inner Circle Subscribers receive a 50% discount.

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KunTao Silat Video Testing Fee

Each video testing fee for members of the Guru Certification Course or the Distance Learning program will cost $100 unless you are a member of the Inner Circle, in which case it will be half that price.¬† That includes the evaluation of the practitioner’s video submission and any corrections needed as well as subsequent video submissions. Certification will be issued upon successful completion of each test.

Certification included with testing fee

KunTao Silat Practitioners receive certification for each level they test and pass included with the testing fee.

You will need a free Vimeo account to upload your testing video and you will need to be a member of the KunTao Testing Group.  Just follow KunTao Silat and we will invite you to the Testing Group.

Each Test will also receive a free download of the new Djurus Satu 2015 video.



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