As the Twig is Bent, so grows the Tree video


As a natural motion system, KunTao Silat is also a natural for children. Join the Family as Steve and his children April Rose and Elijah Rock play.


As the Twig is Bent ~ so grows the tree

Rock and Rose Play 2The study and application of martial arts enhances people’s lives at any age, but there is no doubt that the earlier one begins the journey the greater the benefits that can be derived from the application of martial arts to all aspects of life on this Earth.

This video chronicles Steve’s daughter, April and son, Elijah as they begin their martial journey. Children are often drawn to the martial arts at a very young age and should not be dissuaded, but rather encouraged to practice and train safely and prudently. You’re part of the family as you follow the Rose & Rock along the establishing of┬ábasic martial principles into their early lives.

Rock and Rose Play 1

April Rose & Elijah Rock


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