Progressing in KunTao Silat

Progressing in KunTao Silat

The best place to find current, cutting-edge Kuntao Silat information is on the KunTao Silat Video Testing Group.

KTS Members can join the Video Testing Group for free!

Watch videos of current and past student tests to learn common mistakes, get tips to help you better prepare for testing at each level!

Take advantage of the record of those who have gone before you and the critiques and corrections they have had.

To join the video testing group, please follow these steps:

Open a free account at http://www.vimeo.com/kuntaosilat

Then “follow” KunTao Silat

If you are a member of either the Distance Learning or the Guru Certification Course, I’ll invite you to the KunTao Silat Testing Group and you can join in as you care to.

More information: https://kuntaosilat.com/forums/topic/in-progress-videos/#post-5765


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