Secrets of Silat

Any one have any of these old videos or DVDs jest laying around? The prices must be typos. . . .

secrets of silat

Secrets of the Indo/Chinese martial art of KunTao Silat



Paladin Press came to Steve Gartin in 1997 seeking the definitive knife fighting video because of his notoriety as the leading expert in the United States. Negotiations led to an agreement to produce a complete series of videos on the art Steve had founded called KunTao Silat. This introductory video and the five videos Steve had produced at that time were submitted to Michael Janich, Paladin’s video editor, as ideas for what would be filmed and ultimately produced. Secrets of Silat, the introductory video for the series, was the only video actually produced by Paladin Press.

KunTao Silat Introduction to Paladin Press

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  1. Steve February 8, 2018 at 2:22 pm #

    No, the prices are not typos. Paladin Press went out of business so I am now the sole distributor: https://kuntaosilat.com/product/secrets-silat-kuntao/

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