Seminars: What do YOU want to know?

In teaching KunTao Silat for 35 years, I have an idea of what people need to know in order to excel in KunTao Silat. . . but as we begin the 2016 seminar season, I wonder what YOU want to know ~ so that we can schedule as many of those elements into this year’s seminar structure as possible.

Most of our seminars will be two day events, so the curriculum will, of necessity, have to focus on a limited number of subjects. Never-the-less, I think with some feedback here about what people really want to focus on, we can streamline the hands-on learning experience so that maximum value is obtained from the learning experience.

So, with that in mind, please feel compelled to state your opinion and make suggestions so that we can develop a dialog that will lead to a superb seminar season and rapid progression for those who attend.

First seminar

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