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Chas Clements Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and founder of Pentjak Silat Betawi Muda

Chas Clements

Pak Chas Clements Chas Clements is Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and one of the original Kun Lun Pai, a name given to a group of five men then surrounding and supporting the de Thouars Brothers in Denver, Colorado by Bill Chang {U. Un Surya}. Chas’ system, Pentjak Silat Betawi Muda is his personal martial lifestyle; […]

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Chas talks knives

Chas Clements talks knives

Chas Clements talks knives, real knives ~ some of the best knives. Chas Clements, the Co-Founder of KunTao Silat and Founder of Pentjak Pukulan Silat Betawi and original member of the Kun Lun Pai also is a very well known knife expert. Here Chas shares a bit of his intimate knowledge of what makes a […]

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How big is it?

IT’S NOT HOW BIG IT IS, IT’S HOW YOU USE IT! copyright 1994 Chas Clements Her finger knives flayed his face open, arteries in his neck spewed blood into his armor. As he stumbled, blinded, he wondered how he had made such an easy kill for her. He died with the question unanswered, his great […]

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Combat Cane

Chas Clements’ Cane Combat for Cripples The first video of techniques for the injured and disabled made by someone who shares the inconvenience. Many of the stick techniques are drawn from the practice of Kuntao Silat, a Dutch Indonesian martial art. (more…)

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Chasism’s are a collection of news group comments from Chas Clements, who has become somewhat well-known on many newsgroups.  Some like him, some hate him, but few will deny that he is unique in the world. (more…)

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Martial Arts for the handicaped

  Martial Arts for the Handicapped copyright 1994 by Chas Clements Everyone is in danger. Tolerance is at a minimum. No one is safe. It is the responsibility of all people, of whatever physical condition to protect themselves, their loved ones and their own property. Just because you cannot see or walk or run away does […]

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  In the Adat of Hormat   copyright 1993 Chas Clements As a student of Silat;   Who is your teacher? Well kids, first –he is a hell of a fighting man, you give him respect because you have no choice – to associate with him is to show respect for the danger of him.   (more…)

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Magic & the martial arts

Magic in the Martial Arts copyright 1993-Chas Clements All advanced forms of martial art have their magical aspect. The Taoist practitioners are deeply involved with magic, Shinto has its sophisticated magical aspect as does Islam. The Animists practice ritual magical martial arts, the Hindu and the Buddhist cultures have practices and traditions of martial magic. […]

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