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Synergy: Empty Hand and Knife

Such a poignant, pithy & pointed a question deserves a much more studied and proven response than what I might think is relayed in the KunTao Silat Video Learning and PracticeGroup training. Any one have an opinion based on experience? Greetings and Felicitations Mr. Steve! I would like to inquire about your distance learning course.  […]

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Long knife kembaggan

LongKnife SmallSpace Kembaggan

LongKnife SmallSpace Kembaggan From the Indonesian Kembaggan we learned one of the tools of constant training. Forget the aerobic aspect for a moment and just consider the aspects of timing, balance and precision of movement that training to music inculcates into the practitioners body. No matter where you are or what you have to train […]

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KunTao Silat Blades

“There is no silat, without the knife” It has been said that there is no Silat without the knife, but in KunTao Silat that axiom goes much, much deeper. The Founder of KunTao Silat, Steve Gartin, has been well recognized as one of the most expert of the expert knife men in America for over […]

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KunTao Silat is close-quarter combat training

KunTao Silat StickingKnife Training

StickingKnife Training KunTao Silat has many completely unique training methods that set KTS practitioners far apart from the standard martial practitioners you will see. KunTao Silat is often referred to as a “phonebooth style” denoting its penchant for VERY close quarter combat technology. KunTao Silat StickingKnife training is quite unique.  KTS practitioners begin training early […]

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Monkey Knife

 HEARTLESS MONKEY KNIFE The knife styling of American Kuntao Silat Heartless Monkey has no ‘second thoughts’; no compassion, no regret, no remorse, no reservations.  Heartless Monkey has no regard for your humanity; your unique status as a Human Being deserving of anything, he sees you as a snake. (more…)

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