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In KunTao Silat, training partners are a major key to progress and proficiency. YHVH graced me with several exceptional training partners in the early days of my training in the myriad martial arts that ultimately became known as KunTao Silat. George and Phillip were my original training partners and Randall came along a couple of years later with three great students, Chuck Stahman, Dave Anderson and John Garcia. We enjoyed many years of intense training and close brotherhood that is paying dividends in martial proficiency for all of us to this day. I would be grateful if the Creator blessed all of you with this calibre training partners.

The KunTao Silat Learning Forum is a good place to search for training partners: https://kuntaosilat.com/forums/topic/2017-local-kuntao-silat-classes/

We will also endeavour to maintain a PracticeLeader and Local Classes roster at: https://kuntaosilat.com/learn-kuntaosilat/classes/

George Morin:

Phillip Sailas:

Randall Goodwin:

KunTao Silat in the old days:


Mike Roberto:

Janet Gee:

Master Janet Gee from KunTao Silat.

Ron Miller:

Gur Ron Miller – Serak Expert from KunTao Silat.



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