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    Jonathan Pyndus


    Just out of curiosity, is there an Eagle Form in KTS? I notice in the logo that we have the Monkey, Dragon, and Tiger and each has a form in the curriculum, so I naturally wonder if the Eagle does as well, especially since Pak Steve demonstrates Eagle Claw Kuntao applications in the Introduction to Heartless Monkey.

    Of course, there is no preying mantis in the logo, yet we have mantis forms, so…


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    No form, but the stance and kicking style is embedded in the Malabar LegSet WarmUp.

    You haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience the “gunting” inherent in our StickingHands, but that IS Eagle in application, and it hurts plenty.

    The ‘travel’ you see in the Inner Circle Greeting is the Eagle.

    But since it is my logo and I’m apologetically American, I placed our American symbol atop the Chinese/Indonesian symbols signifying the ‘animal’ elements and the internal Chinese symbols of the four Earth elements.

    Then, of course, since the Eagle is capable of striking from the greatest distance ~ the Eagle honours the American contribution of the personal firearm to the martial arts world.

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      Jonathan Pyndus

      Pak Steve,

      I replied to this last week but it seems it did not post!

      Thanks for your clarification. I’ll look forward to feeling Kuntao Silat gunting.

      I personally encourage being unapologetically American, but that’s another conversation.

      Out of curiosity, is there still work being done on a book or manual explaining all the basics and theoretically foundation for KTS in the works? It would be invaluable.

      Did you get my last email 2 weeks ago? I’m afraid for some reason my posts and messages aren’t working!


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