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    My apologies for the delay in responding. I do have 3 that are ready to go. Paracord wrapped handle. I usually take payment via paypal. You may email me directly at sigungaric@kuntaosilat.com for payment details. You may also text me at 303-478-1824.

    The trainers are $25 shipped to your door.
    If you buy 2, $45 shipped.
    If you buy 3, $60…[Read more]

  • Good day folks. While I won’t be able to join you all, I will certainly be there in Spirit. I’ll have 9 trainers that will be with Pak Steve’s possession for the seminar that I made. These are trainers made after the World’s Fastest Knife, which Steve was having made as a live blade.

    For anyone interested in seeing a pic of them, please venture…[Read more]