Level One Testing Fee


KunTao Silat’s Testing fee is $100 inclusive. The Inner Circle Subscription provides a 50% discount.


KunTao Silat Testing Fee

The testing fee for each level is $100.
Inner Circle subscribers receive a 50% discount.
This fee covers all evaluations, all corrections and re-submissions of videos until successful performance of  Level One’s requirements is met.
This fee also covers official Certification of Rank.
Bonus: Download video Djurus Satu 2015

To prepare for video testing, please follow these steps:

Open a free account at http://www.vimeo.com/kuntaosilat

Then “follow” KunTao Silat

Then upload your test video to your account.

On the “Privacy Settings” of your video check Only those people I follow if you want to keep it private.

I’ll invite you to the KunTao Silat Testing Group.










After you have set your privacy, go to the Collections tab and set select KunTao Silat Testing Group and your test video will appear there.


We’ll Download your Video and Upload the Critique to the KunTao Silat Testing Group where you will be able to view it and make comments, ask or answer questions, or just get on to the next level.

Then find the “Testing Fee” on the KunTaoSilat.com site and run it through the shopping cart.


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