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KunTao Silat constant training

In KunTao Silat constant training provides the means to accelerate mastery of the basic, or fundamental, tools of combat. This page is open to everyone because it will provide a glimpse into the possibilities of building your martial lifestyle training around your profession or daily life regardless the martial arts you practice.  WorkStation WorkOut Constant […]

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KunTao Silat health training

KunTao Silat health training for internal awareness

KunTao Silat health training Day Two of the Spring Equinox GuruTraining found the participants a bit on the sore and tired side, so before descending into the creek for rock training we took some time to rejuvenate with some ancient principles from several spiritual disciplines. Although these training sessions are specifically for gurus-in-training, this one […]

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New KunTao Silat training option-for PracticeLeaders only

KunTao Silat is a much larger body of martial knowledge than most folks can imagine. In order for Gurus-in-Training to comprehend the intricacies and options contained in the first few levels, I have decided to offer personal training sessions wherein the students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real-time and also […]

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Wachters’ High power nutrition

Wachters’ High Power Nutrition and KunTao Silat I discovered Wachters’ and was first declared ‘crazy’ in the early 1970s when I became involved in the quest for perfect nutrition. “They” called me a ‘health-food nut.’ Now, decades later, people ask me all the time how I maintain high energy levels for extended periods and never […]

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4th of July KunTao Silat Seminar

July 2 & 3 2016: The 4th of July weekend KunTao Silat seminar is scheduled to be held in the beautiful Western Mountains of New Mexico. {The curriculum may evolve as we receive feedback from the participants. Changes & updates will be published here. } American KunTao Silat is the seminar focus, although Malabar will […]

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KunTao Silat TriAngle Sapu

KunTao Silat TriAngle Sapu

TriAngle Sapu: KunTao Silat’s TriAngular footwork patterns serve many functions. Here Guru Jeff Fargo and Kyle Mentink, from Sigung Joe Judt’s lineage, demostrate a basic triangle sapu {front sweep} technique from the first movement of the training set. Videoed by Steve Gartin at the First Annual American KunTao Silat Gathering at the Seventh Heaven Ranch […]

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Baby stance training

KunTao Silat Stand-a-Dude Training

Stand-a-Dude training began before Elijah could walk and continued until he was too big to hoist. I do NOT recommend this training unless both you and your children are physically blessed and extraordinarily aware. The chance of injury if a mistake is made is quite obvious and no one of good conscious wants that. If […]

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