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Synergy: Empty Hand and Knife

Such a poignant, pithy & pointed a question deserves a much more studied and proven response than what I might think is relayed in the KunTao Silat Video Learning and PracticeGroup training. Any one have an opinion based on experience? Greetings and Felicitations Mr. Steve! I would like to inquire about your distance learning course.¬† […]

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Long knife kembaggan

Martial Dance ~ KunTao Silat training principle

The concept of Martial Dance is ancient, and found in many cultures around the world. KunTao Silat has embraced the Indonesian version of this training method. Various dialects of Indonesia refer to this practice as Kembaggan, Kembangan and other versions of similar sounding words. Many Indonesian styles incorporate kembaggan training, some ignore it completely. Constant […]

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KunTao Silat in Italy

KunTao Silat in Italy

Estevan Mulloni introduces Malabar KunTao Silat in Italy. Malabar KTS is a traditional Dutch/Indo/Chinese martial discipline codified up to Sigung Level by Pak Steve Gartin from decades of personal training with the de Thouars Brothers. To a considerate, disciplined and well-trained warrior, it might be considered imprudent to be rolling around on the ground with […]

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Kyle demonstrates the crowding and "cage" effect of KTS stances.

Training Partners, Friends & Associates

In KunTao Silat, training partners are a major key to progress and proficiency. YHVH graced me with several exceptional training partners in the early days of my training in the myriad martial arts that ultimately became known as KunTao Silat. George and Phillip were my original training partners and Randall came along a couple of […]

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KunTao Silat constant training

In KunTao Silat constant training provides the means to accelerate mastery of the basic, or fundamental, tools of combat. This page is open to everyone because it will provide a glimpse into the possibilities of building your martial lifestyle training around your profession or daily life regardless the martial arts you practice. ¬†WorkStation WorkOut Constant […]

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KunTao Silat health training

KunTao Silat health training for internal awareness

KunTao Silat health training Day Two of the Spring Equinox GuruTraining found the participants a bit on the sore and tired side, so before descending into the creek for rock training we took some time to rejuvenate with some ancient principles from several spiritual disciplines. Although these training sessions are specifically for gurus-in-training, this one […]

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New KunTao Silat training option-for PracticeLeaders only

KunTao Silat is a much larger body of martial knowledge than most folks can imagine. In order for Gurus-in-Training to comprehend the intricacies and options contained in the first few levels, I have decided to offer personal training sessions wherein the students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in real-time and also […]

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